JOAD National Records

JOAD is a unique organization to the United States.  JOAD is not used anywhere else in the world.  It is an abbreviation for "Junior Olympic Archery Development".  It was formed by George Helwig, and has grown into a number of clubs that introduce kids around the US to the sport of archery.  Many JOAD archers have gone on to represent the USA in world archery events including the Olympics.   It was intended as a way to introduce kids at an early age to the sport.   It must be noted that "JOAD" has not always adhered to the regulations of FITA. Often the age categories in the past have not related to the age categories of FITA, resulting in scores that were like comparing apples to oranges.

Please note that "JOAD" is not a FITA standard, and  only those JOAD tournaments that have been registered as STAR FITA events with the USA Archery  can sustain Star FITA record claims. For those divisions that are not recognized by FITA for world records (ie, Bowman), USA Archery will still monitor excellence in performance and honor record claims as long as the record claims are submitted according to existing guidelines.    

There are also archers that are so young that the USAA recognized that actually competing at very young ages was not a beneficial thing to teach them, so JOAD has categories that are NOT followed with records.   Typically the director of tournaments will hand out to all the competitors a token of some type (a medal, gold ribbon, etc.) to signify that their participation was important.