National Championship records can only be achieved at the official USAA National Indoor & Outdoor Championships.  A score shot at the National Championship (that is high enough, of course) may be a National Championship record, as well as a National Star FITA record. If a score shot at the National Championships exceeds a Star FITA record then it is considered the record score in both categories.

Any score that is a Star FITA World Record (by a USAA currently-registered member) achieved anywhere in the world is by definition a U.S. Star FITA record-but we have to know about it!   It can be as simple as the archer sending an email in to the USAA offices saying, HEY, LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!

In other words, it is incumbent on the archer to insure that the USAA office is notified of his/her performance.  While we try to monitor for such things, any failure to formally recognize the record MUST be on the athlete's shoulders.  In such cases, many tournaments abroad do not provide the athlete with a scorecard copy to keep, and this does NOT prevent the archer from claiming a rightful record.  USAA relies on FITA to verify the scores and trusts that if FITA dictates that an archer shot certain scores at specific deals, the scores are used "as is" to establish the USAA National Star FITA Record.  Also, there is no way that an archer can achieve a "NATIONAL RECORD" while shooting abroad - these tournaments are not the "USAA National Championship" tournaments, even though they might be WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

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