June, 2012

Dear archers:

The archer Robert J. Rhode competed in the NAA for many years, as did his wife Arlyne. Robert has left us, but Arlyne Ruhl Rhode is the publisher and editor for one of the last remaining print magazine for archery in the United States, if not the only one, called US and International Archer. I suggest you check on line and subscribe if you wish the magazine to continue.

Arlyne has graciously allowed me to scan the books by Robert Rhode, digitizing them into searchable documents that one can refer to online. Each book has translated into an Adobe Acrobat file of about 21 megabytes in size. As such, viewing them online will take just a few moments and then one can use Ctrl-F to search for any name, score, date (year), town, or state, and the chances are extremely good that the search term will be found if it exists.

Please do not re-post these files to any other online site without obtaining permission from Mrs. Rhode - to do so is both a violation of trust and of copyright law.

I wish to thank Arlyne for her services to the archery community, and for allowing me to create an online archive of Bob's life works. Thank you!


All of these books were created by Robert Rhode (and I suspect with great help from his wife, Arlyne Ruhl Rhode). Arlyne has graciously granted permission for me to digitize and post these books. They are all long out of print, and were limited production runs of 1000 or less even in "the day". Without her permission, the content would be lost to future generations. The value of the information contained in these is huge, covering nearly 100 years in some cases, and the photos are also a unique window into our past - our pasttime.
Thanks go also to Tom Barker and Norman McMinn for sharing their books with me in order to digitize them.
Ron Carmichael, June, 2012

NOTE: these files are compressed using Adobe Acrobat 10.0(free reader) - this may cause your browser to give you an error message - if so, then right-click on the link, choose to SAVE AS local file, and then you can open it with your own copy of Acrobat 10.

History of the National Archery Association by Robert J. Rhode
These files are over 20 megabytes in size and will take a few minutes to load. You must also have Adobe Acrobat 10 or newer in order to view this. (10 has much better compression methods letting the file be much smaller)
Volume 1 - 1879 through 1945
Volume 2 - 1946 through 1978

History of the Federation Internationale Tir L'Arc 1931-1961 (55 megs)

Much larger files, with higher quality photos (but no difference on text). The scans were performed to optimize contrast for optical character recognition (OCR) which means drawings and photos look very two-tone. To create a better set of images, I re-scanned with "BW Photo" settings. These files contain PHOTOS with some OCR (acrobat version 10 files as above):

Professional Archery Championships 1940 - 1993 (86 megs)


Archery Champions 2nd. Edition (23 megs)


Archery Champions 4th. Edition (11 megs)


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