"TBT" - a common term nowadays, meaning "ThrowBackThursday", an opportunity to harken back to previous years, usually with a photo, but in this case, a whole magazine of photos and interesting stories about names "from the past". (and present!)


I am performing a TBT with three issues of "The US Archer", an archery magazine published by Arlyne Rhode. These are the first three issues of 1986! Fully digital, and text-searchable, these are both entertaining and highly educational - as you read it you will see that many of the concerns of archers 28 years ago are still the concerns of archers today. Browse through these acrobat files, search for a friend's (or yours!) name (using Ctrl-F), and enjoy the photos and the advertisements. I particularly like seeing the "tools" of coaching that they had then which we still enjoy using today And if you like them, be sure to subscribe to the magazine, still going strong after all these years!
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From the Barcelona Olympics: Interesting discussions from Judge Don Lovo, George Tekmitchov, and someone who was the Korean Head Coach Kisik Lee: "I wasn't expecting the record obtained by Cho and I don't consider it very important. A true champion can achieve this through practice and concentration. What really counts is to feel and behave like a champion.""We have modified our training methods to adjust to the new FIT A rules. Now we aim to achieve total concentration each and every time that we shoot an arrow. But we cannot tell you anything about these methods; they are a secret."





January/February, 1986 Vol 5, Number 1

Cover Photo

Front row: President Harold Kremer, Northern Region Governor Ann Hoyt, Executive Director Christine McCartney, and Treasurer Roy Nelson.
Back row: Southern Governor Don Marcure, Eastern Governor Ruth Rowe, Western Governor Don Rabska, Northern Governor Allan Martin, Vice President Bob Ryder, and Active Archer Athlete Ray Burk. Photo by Vikki Watson of Miller News Bureau


In this issue from 1986, Tom Parrish and Michael Hojnacki go to Mexico. Kudlacek markets a new pencil sharpener for arrows. Stanislawski has a new, improved arrow rest. Dave Keaggy, Sheri Rhodes, and Rick McKinney hold a shooter's camp in Prescott Arizona - $550 per person. The College division noted 186 athletes competing at intercollegiate tournaments in 1985.
Rick McKinney, as Program Director of the USAT, reported that a USAT training camp in Tempe was conducted, with Sheri Rhodes coordinating, Al Henderson, Darwin Kyle, and Nancy Myrick as coaches, Dick Tone covered equipment, straightening arrows, tuning, and preparation. Sports doctors discussed visualization & relaxation, the use of EMGs, and BIOMECHANICS. High Speed Video, regular video, timing, testing, were used. (
Bios: for the NAA VP was Robert Ryder, and the Executive Director was Christine McCartney, complete with pictures. (they look so young!) I note in the judges' article that scoring a MISS used to be leaving the box blank! (Actually, that turned out to be a typo corrected in the next issue. They recommended at that time an X be placed in the box for the score of a MISS). Seriously. The "X" score was somewhere in the future.
Great bio on Joe Johnston, the founder of the "US Open Indoor", the first VEGAS shoot, which had 487 shooters and $20,000 in cash awards (remember, this was 1986 money!) Profiles of NFAA and NAA champions included a summary of all of their equipment, right down to the braided nylon bowstring that Rick favored at the time. Dee Wilde (the elder) shot a 448 in a Vegas round (450) during the 1985 Idaho Open. Finally, I note that the classified ads included an offer for a computer arrow program (for the APPLE II+ / III) from Al Wills, for only $20. Of course, the back cover is Hoyt/Easton, the Gold Medalist Recurve bow which at that time claimed 11 National, International, and Olympic Championships.

March/April, 1986 Vol 5, Number 2

Rich Wiley(L) and Becky Pearson(R) with Dave Barnsdale (center)
Vol5 Numberr 2


The magazine includes a variety of flavors of archery, already international in scope, though the name would not be changed for some time into it's present "The US and International Archer". In this issue, Rick McKinney's guest editorial is a well-thought out discussion about..... COMPOUNDS IN THE OLYMPICS! Yikes!!! Well worth reading today! One wonders why it is that swimming can have DOZENS of medals in contention, but archery does not have barebow, compound, 3D, Field. He makes several excellent comparisons with shooting sports. Well worth the read, 28 years later!
Archery Golf was offered twice a month in Alexandria, Ohio and included equipment!. The letters to the editor note that professionals may be included in the next Olympics, which had a big impact on archery due to the number of archers that were no longer considered "amateurs". A D.M. Lovo, VP of FITA, discussed the adoption of a GRAND FITA ROUND (essentially, 9 arrows at each of 4 distances and reducing the number of archers each day with a cut at 24, 18, 12, and final day,6, of both genders! As with the previous issue, this included a summary of the All Japan Archery Championships and the 43rd New Zealand National Championships, with some nifty photos. Spin Wings from Range-O-Matic had an advert with a list of titles going back to 1983, an impressive lineup considering it was only a few years on the market. The medical advisor for the USAT, Dr. Julian Nicholson, wrote extensively about nutrition and the archer athlete. Hypercholesterol, it was noted, is likely a significant problem. Louis Araiza wrote an excellent, almost arrow-by-arrow coverage of the Tropicana Indoor Championships in Las Vegas, including Darrel Pace, Ed Eliason, Rick McKinney, Debra Ochs, Lama Janna, Becky Liggett, Skip Trafford, Frank Gandy, Jay Barrs, Rebecca Wallace, Troy Stuckey, Jamie Loesch. There's an excellent summary of NAA Historian Bob Rhode's exploits in archery.

Dick Tone writes, "The Tone Method Of Tuning Your Bow With A Cushion Plunger"!
Accra 300 (which has a Cavalier logo in the ad) offered a plunger and a sight. Saunders advertsied a fingertab with a ledge at the pinky finger, to assist archers using a high anchor point, the ledge to fit UNDER the jawline. I note that there were ads from PSE, Pearson, Hoyt, Bear, and Martin, ALL for compound bows pictured. In fact, in the entire issue, only one recurve bow photograph is advertised (Nishizawa, the worlds no.1 selling graphite bows).

May/June, 1986 Vol 5, Number 3

From Dick Lattimer in this issue, talking about equipment changes: "Look at arrows. Lord, if ever there was an important part of our equipment that has been improved over the years it is the flying shafts we loose. No longer must we depend upon birch dowels, now we have the finest in welded aluminum shafts to choose from. We have durable plastic vanes, although many of us still prefer to use turkey feathers, more for tradition, I suspect, than anything else, no matter what we claim.".....

"Darrell Pace has a tremendous amount of knowledge. Getting him to get it written down would be amazing, but if you could, everyone would benefit by it." Rick McKinney, February 24, 1986 in an interview with Louis Araiza. So, LOUIS ARAIZA interviews Darrll Pace, and begins:
U.S. ARCHER: You were one of the first, if not the first person to use Spin Wings. Can you explain what makes the Spin Wings perform better than other fletching material?.... Read Darrel's reply, and the entire interview, in this issue!

Dick Carella premiers his new product: RIGID - FRAME- CONTROL (TM) SYSTEM
For the first time in the history of archery, a new concept called Rigid - Frame - Control promises to standardize archery form.

Yes, the FORM MASTER made it's debut at a USAT camp, and there is a writeup on both the camp AND the design and application of the RIGID FRAME CONTROL SYSTEM!





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