US World Target Team Trials - 2005

PHOTOS & WRITEUP BY: Shelly Mascaro, Secretary/Treasurer for Everglades Archers in Miami, Florida, and assistant Director for the JOAD nationals to be held at Disney in June.
The conditions in the morning for the shoot were very good -- little wind.

As the morning progressed, the winds picked up and around 11:00 it was a steady wind, more at the target than where the shooting line. The shooting for the day was concluded by 12:30 on Saturday.
The facilities at Disney are beautiful. The grass was a lush green which daily watering makes possible – bring spare socks and/or shoes. They had the cleanest porta-potties I have ever been in!  Flush toilets approx. 90m further away than the portas.

The FITA was shot on a single line. It made for a reasonably swift shooting schedule. If you were physically fit, your stamina was up to par, this was not a problem. The men were one the left baseball diamond and the women to the right. The PA system played music whenever there was a break, and the line calling was easy to hear and the directions were clear. The line judges were all excellent -- available to answer questions and check an arrow placement.
Fred DeMuth and Tim Austin did an excellent job getting the scores verified and e-mailed to NAA for publication on the and sites. All of the archers I spoke to seemed to be having a good time and enjoying themselves. Disney had Cushman EZ-Go carts available to take your equipment from your car to the shooting area.

Volunteers were there to make getting the scores from the archers to the score boards swift and efficient.

There was more than enough sunshine to go around -- those coming to the JOAD nationals in June definitely need to bring sunblock and clothing designed to be breathable and block the sun. I would also recommend for anyone driving to bring a shade area. There were tents for the archers, and one for each of the spectator areas, but not enough to go around to a larger group of spectators. Water was plentiful, cold and wet. Shooters coming to JOAD should also bring spare socks as the sprinkler system made the grass very wet.
Food at the "All Star Café" A Disney restaurant is on the high side, but very good. It is the closest place to get a bite to eat. And like all Disney facilities, the employees are exceptionally able and willing to please.

Photos by Shelly Mascaro

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