June 15, 2012

There are a lot of people expressing views about my past efforts in record-keeping, the current absence of the same, and I wish to explain the situation as I understand it now.

I am the webmaster for several archery-related websites, including this one.

I begin in the 1980s. While director of a hospital pharmacy, I became a self-taught programmer, computer literate, in 1980. So much so that for the next 20 or more years I was self-employed as a systems analyst, hardware installer, certified Novell Network specialist, IBM OS/2 beta tester, and seminal road warrior. I wrote the major part of an inpatient hospital pharmacy system, and an entire outpatient pharmacy computer program, both normalized relational databases loaded with unique features.

I often programmed on live, while-caring-for-patients, installed, functioning databases in realtime using a C++ complier. I also authored an interface between the pharmacy software and a nationwide unix-based paperless hospital patient charting system, and then went to every hospital using the unix program in the country, from Washington state to Florida, teaching and installing. By the end, after 9/11, I had more than 3 million airmiles (2.4 on AA alone) and a strong desire to NOT travel thousands of miles several times a week. During this time I also wrote custom bulletin boards for online businesses, was a sysop for CompuServe, and was the sole author for the Texas State Archery Association's website, which had more than 5 million hits in 2011. I have never taken a cent for any of the TSAA-associated web presence, viewing this as one way I could repay the sport for providing to my family an immense positive value, as my daughter became the first American woman, able-bodied or disabled, to medal in decades when she won bronze in Beijing 2008 at the Paralympics.

Knowing all of this, the high performance director for the NAA, what we now call the USA Archery, approached me in 2006 or so, and asked if I would be willing to take on another volunteer role, besides my webmaster duties for the TSAA, that of record keeper for the NAA. It seems that the then executive director for the NAA had inadvertantly saved a file incorrectly, thereby wiping out the entire set of records for all of the women as well as much of the JOADs. I agreed, and began a long process of painstaking reconstruction which ultimately resulted in a database of more than 2000 records, about half of them hand-built from found hard copies. As I became more aware of the needs, I programmed a database to do more and more. You may wish to understand what is entailed in "a record".

See also the main page for links to more explanations for JOAD, Star FITA, and National Records - it is very complex at times.

In its current version, the database allows me, with just a few keystrokes (relatively speaking!) to:

So at the behest of Tom Parrish, my friend and NAA/USAA high performance director, I volunteered. I bought a domain name and IPS space, paying for it again out of my own pocket. I think I did this prior to the NAA creating their own website but it may have actually been a simultaneous thing - I logically (I thought) chose "USAARCHERYRECORDS.ORG", and they chose "USARCHERY.ORG" - note the difference in the number of "A" in the two - I am not sure why they did not select "USA ARCHERY" instead of "US ARCHERY", since they call it USA Archery, but I do wish I had managed to set up the same nomenclature for the records site. USAA has never been involved financially in any way with this website, its creation nor maintenance, nor paid any money for the records-keeping function.

I have also moved thousands of archery related photos I had taken from the Texas site to the new USAARecords site, all albums from NAA events, I endevoured to create a listing of all tournaments, when and where, and point to photographs of the event where possible. (addendum *note that I was forced to delete many years' worth in 2014 for space/financial reasons.)

Also, I started trying to support record-keeping for the flight competitions (where one tries to shoot an arrow as far as possible - held on the Bonneville Salt Flats). That first year I eventually found a go-between archer who could help me understand flight well enough to post intelligent results.,

I maintain the site as an archival value at this point, I have obtained the two books of "History of the NAA" by Robert Rhode, as well as "History of FITA", and several archery champions books, I have gotten permission from Mrs. Arlyne Rhode, Bob's widow, to post their contents online, I have paid to have the books professional unbound so I could scan each page, each photo, in archival quality, I have digitized them and used advanced character recognition software so that their contents are searchable, and I have them added to this site.

As with the records pages including old records, and the scrapbooks the NAA sent me many years ago and which have been digitally available for years on this site, the History of the NAA provides proof of our heritage for future generations. I know that the wayback machine has stored many copies of the pages so what I have created is never going to be truly lost as long as there is a net.

Just as the director of high performance has gone, so may I go some day. And with no one doing records at present, the gulf of ignorance of our excellence is ever-widening. I hope someone at USAA is able to actually do something about this, even if it was just to ask me to help again. I've offered, but it is not up to me. And for anyone upset about the situation, my apologies.

A special mention must be made on behalf of Jane Johnson of Oklahoma. Jane has always been happy to help me when I was trying to figure *anything* out regarding records - it had quite a steep learning curve with it. Jane has served the archery community in the US and abroad for many decades and her knowledge and wisdom is un-paralleled. She was my first instructor, wherein I obtained my level I and Level II from her in 1998, starting me on my coaching career and sparking a deep need in me to serve and teach. Thank you, Jane, I can never say that often enough! And thank you, Tom Parrish, for all you did for archery, and I hope you someday return to service for USAA.

So it goes.

Alan Ronald Carmichael, Jr.
aka "TexARC"

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